Hack3D Tunisian Fallaga-Team

..:: PeaCeMakeR.XTN & AlIrHaBi & Capoo Lionel & Bl4ck Ghost-H & Burak ::..

just Message From Tunisian Fallega Team To Russia , Peopel And Government ...
You Have To Stop Supporting The Criminel "bashar" and Stop Killing Innocent Childrens, Womens That Killed In The Force's Attacks... Russian Forces Destroyed Syrian's Families , Homes ,schools, hospitals,mosks ... But No One Cares ! its the time to stop killing innocent peoples , and stop killing Syrian childs coz all da world know that You are the real terrorist. Peopel of the thing named "Russia" You MUST forced your government to Stop Killing Muslims In Syria And Chechnya.. and to get out from Lands ... chechnya we will

Respect Existance Or Expect Resistance We Are Fallega We Are Muslims IF you Provoke Us be Ready To our Reaction
We will Never Stop Hacking Your Fucking Websites ... Expect us!! ".